Jong Azores’ Intimate Christmas for Jesus

The Covid-19 pandemic restricted the social gatherings and celebrations that we had grown accustomed to. Only direct family members are invited to Christmas Eve gatherings.    

As a result of this circumstance, Christmas 2021 draws us nearer to the celebrator Himself. In this one-of-a-kind occurrence, we directly come to Jesus, who is no longer in the manger but is everywhere.  

As a consequence, Jong releases the song “In The Garden” on streaming and downloading platforms as his Christmas Hymn for this year’s celebration of Jesus’ birth. Earlier this song was uploaded as a lyric video on YouTube.    

Go to your garden or quiet place and commune with Him.   

Listen to “In The Garden” as Christian Meditation Music, and invite the presence of our dear Lord through His Spirit into your heart. 

Download the MP3 and listen to In The Garden on Bandcamp 

Hear In The Garden on Spotify

Reflect and be at peace with In The Garden on Apple Music

Meditate with In The Garden on Deezer   

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