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Jong Azores was born in Olongapo City or Gapo when the American naval base was still operating. It was the servicemen’s Rest & Recreation destination where folk, country, soul, rock ‘n’ roll, & even disco were heard live as performed by the local musicians. 

While in high school, he started jamming with folk singers to start a life performing music. Musicians in the city were mostly self-taught so by then he thought of making it a profession until his dad asked him of any plans to pursue college. He enrolled at Far Eastern University for an AB Political Science degree to become a lawyer thereafter. He was already in Law School in the same university when he finally realized that his life would be directed back towards his music inclinations as Jong got the chance to showcase his songwriting skill for the great Pinoy female rock icon, Sampaguita, composing a 10-song album entitled Beat Wave. He confided his desire to his dad and was easily given the blessing to live his own life. 

He then organized a band called Legend Music and did gigs in Olongapo and Metro Manila. With some band membership changes, the band has renamed The Jukebox and recorded and produce their own album. Their initial self-produced album entitled Original Philippine Rock (OPR) was financed by relatives and friends through their “donate a studio hour” campaign and was distributed by Vicor Music. A sophomore album called Anino earned a nomination in the Awit Awards. 

Jong started writing for music magazines until he found an opening for Domestic Artist and Repertoire post in OctoArts. This opened his career in the recording industry until became an A&R executive in Star Records. 

He returned playing the bass guitar with several bands when he self-retired. He decided to go playing acoustic guitar and singing solo in 2007. However, a drummer/ percussionist and a bassist were added to call his act 3P (pronounced as trip) and got regular bar gigs. 

Since then, Jong Azores recorded original works. These songs are digitally available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, YouTube, Bandcamp, and Amazon. 

While everyone should be staying home in fear of COVID-19, Jong recorded songs in his bedroom while Eric Joseph Payuno co-produced, mix and master these releases.