Wag Nang Magtaka is now on YouTube this Valentine’s Day

After its digital release on the last hour of 2019, Wag Nang Magtaka is now on YouTube as lyric video.  

Wag Nang Magtaka tells the story of a serious admirer who later becomes a suitor and melodically explains why. 

This master recording was recovered late this year on one of Jong Azores’ hard disks. It was recorded in 2011 at Sonic One Studio in Olongapo City. It depicts the time when Jong and his kids had relocated to that city and were beginning a new chapter in their lives. 

Marvin Miano recorded mixed the tracks assisted by Ronald Montemayor at Sonic One Studio that was remastered for digital distribution by Erik Joseph Payumo.  

Click ans singalong with Jong Azores’ Wag Nang Magtaka to your Valentine and make your moment sweeter

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