Mag-isa is Now Streaming!

As expected, Jong Azores released his first digital single Mag-isa to stream through various platforms on November 24,2021

Please download and listen to Mag-isa on Bandcamp and feel the angsts of this blues ballad.  

Sing with Jong by watching the Mag-isa lyric video.    

On Spotify and Apple Music, Jong as a DIY artist had oversights in his digital submission. Maa is seen as the song title instead of Mag-isa. Although this issue would take some time to be resolved, what matters most is for the music to be heard as early as possible.

Hear Mag-isa on Spotify and enjoy Mag-isa on Apple Music now which is currently called Maa.    

2 thoughts on “Mag-isa is Now Streaming!

    1. Jong Azores says:

      Thank you, Paul! It was my way of learning something I am not used to. Please visit as often as possible.


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