Jong Azores Releases KAZAMA Grameen’s Theme Song

In commemoration of KAZAMA GRAMEEN’S 30th anniversary, Jong launches May Pag-Asa Pa, the NGO’s moving theme song, via all digital platforms. 

KAZAMA GRAMEEN, INC (KGI) assists low-income households by providing small loans for the start-up of small businesses, as well as effective microcredit operations through income-generation and livelihood programs. It began in 1991, under the direction of Rev. Fr. Connaughton, in Sta. Rita, Olongapo City.  

It has proven to be helpful in supporting responsible struggling families who are facing financial difficulties in their economic ventures in realizing their modest dreams and improving their living conditions.  

Thousands of families have been motivated by the organization, which continues to encourage members to take responsibility for their financial obligations so that others might enjoy the same benefits they have.  

Anthony Sotto Ignacio composed May Pag-asa Pa, with Jong polishing the song’s phrasing and melody. 

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